7 UTS Pt. 1 3-27-99.mp3 3.801.12.11 10:17:24Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:05:24 96S44
1 Switchyard 3-27-99.mp3 4.901.12.11 09:43:20Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:06:56 96S44
5 4-16-99 China Cat.mp3 23:08:38Defaultline in track 05Default's Greatest Hits0:07:17 96S44
2 4-16-99 Sunshower....mp3 4.302.01.16 22:33:04Defaultline in track 02Default's Greatest Hits0:06:04 96S44
The More You Know - 4-16-99.mp3 6.601.11.16 21:56:08Defaultline in track 13Default's Greatest Hits0:09:17 96S44
Enc-dead-flowers-8-10-01.mp3 3.801.11.16 21:43:22Defaultline in track 12Default's Greatest Hits0:05:2296S44
12 Sunshower 3-27-99.mp311.401.12.11 11:02:28Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:15:56 96S44
9 Mark Song - Somehow - UTS 4 5-13-912.801.11.27 08:59:26Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:17:51 96S44
Celebrity Shout-out.mp3 1.602.12.07 19:14:08DefaultCelebrity Shout-OutDefault's Greatest Hits0:02:17 96S44
Jealous Jogger.mp3 1.402.12.07 19:14:31Lefts=and=RightsJealous JoggerDefault's Greatest Hits0:01:58 96S44
Connie Chung.mp3 0.502.12.07 19:14:08DefaultConnie ChungDefault's Greatest Hits0:00:42 96S44
10 4-16-99 Peter Paul Reprise.mp3 1.402.01.16 23:48:38Defaultline in track 09Default's Greatest Hits0:02:01 96S44
Default - Deny .mp3 3.702.07.29 16:37:23DefaultDeny2000IVancouver Seeds 20000:03:55128S44
2 7-17-00 Nothin' But.mp3 9.402.01.16 19:33:34Defaultline in track 02Default's Greatest Hits0:13:04 96S44
11 UTS Pt 4 3-27-99.mp3 3.601.12.11 10:46:10Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:05:05 96S44
4 Sweetness-5-13-99.mp310.201.11.15 04:51:36Defaultline in track 05Default's Greatest Hits0:14:14 96S44
11 Under The Sun - 4-16-99.mp315.401.11.28 08:57:44Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:21:26 96S44
Randys-basement12-30-00.mp335.001.11.15 03:45:16Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:48:39 96S44
3 1-5-01 Black Canyon.mp3 3.402.01.10 23:27:18Defaultline in track 03Default's Greatest Hits0:04:49 96S44
Wasting.mp3 3.702.02.15 23:02:27DefaultWasting My Time2001The FalloutRipped from CFOX's f0:03:56128S44
Disco-song-10-20-98.mp3 2.901.11.15 07:23:32Defaultline in track 03Default's Greatest Hits0:04:09 96S44
Estrogen - Crush By Default - Sample 0.501.10.03 14:36:07EstrogenCrush By Default - SampleTales from LesbianvilleExcellent0:00:29160S44
Track07.mp3 3.603.06.11 15:09:27DefaultWasting My Time0:03:46128S44
2 1-5-01 Maine-Truckstop-Maine.mp310.802.01.10 23:21:36Defaultline in track 02Default's Greatest Hits0:15:07 96S44
6 Sympathy For The Devil - 5-13-99.m 08:05:58Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:07:15 96S44
5-what Color-ugrxr-garden-sex Machin35.801.11.16 21:37:50Defaultline in track 11Default's Greatest Hits0:49:4896S44
Default-wastingmatime.mp3 4.302.05.05 20:00:00DefaultWasting My Time20010:04:29128S44
Wasting My Time.mp3 5.402.10.21 00:51:19DefaultDefault - 03 - Wasting My Time0:04:32160S44
2 The More You Know 3-27-99.mp3 6.901.12.11 09:53:12Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:09:40 96S44
1 7-7-01 Floating Away.mp313.502.01.16 20:44:50Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:18:50 96S44
8 4-16-99 Jazz Song (Cheswick).mp3 6.802.01.16 23:29:08Defaultline in track 07Default's Greatest Hits0:09:31 96S44
N_defaul.mp3 22:22:43NAOYADefault no Egawo1998NAOYA's MISTY AQUARIUM?0:04:11 64S22
Siren-song-demo.mp3 05:25:24Defaultline in track 07Default's Greatest Hits0:12:33 96S44
Tvfunhouse1.mp3 1.402.02.10 21:46:27Saturday Night Live (SNL)Mr. T (2-19-00)Default's Greatest Hits0:02:03 96S44
Peterpaul-n2-jnr.mp313.501.11.14 23:19:26Defaultline in track 04Default's Greatest Hits0:18:52 96S44
4 7-17-00 In The Garden.mp3 20:05:38Defaultline in track 05Default's Greatest Hits0:12:37 96S44
6 1-5-01 In the Garden.mp313.702.01.15 23:02:56Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:19:06 96S44
5 7-7-01 Nothin' But.mp311.402.01.16 21:37:16Defaultline in track 05Default's Greatest Hits0:15:54 96S44
Vehemence62_Deathmarch-(Default_Aud) 3.802.07.08 19:53:48Vehemence 6.2Deathmarch (Default Audio Mix)
The-more-you-know-hard2handle-5-13-9 9.301.11.15 06:51:30Defaultline in track 03Default's Greatest Hits0:13:01 96S44
19.mp3 3.400.03.03 12:25:06DefaultWasting My Time0:03:34128S44
Default- Live A Lie.mp3
Default - Deny .mp3 3.702.07.12 18:58:28DefaultDeny2000IVancouver Seeds 20000:03:55128S44
Siren-song10-20-98.mp3 21:55:38Defaultline in track 02Default's Greatest Hits0:12:51 96S44
1-UTS-part1-8-10-01.mp3 4.501.11.16 19:33:46Defaultline in track 04Default's Greatest Hits0:06:2096S44
10 1-5-01 Tom Jones.mp312.202.01.16 00:07:16Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:17:02 96S44
10 Siren Song 3-27-99.mp310.201.12.11 10:40:50Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:14:12 96S44
3 7-17-00 Jolly Roger.mp3 9.702.01.16 19:51:52Defaultline in track 03Default's Greatest Hits0:13:36 96S44
Intro_song10-20-98.mp3 3.401.11.15 07:20:32Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:04:45 96S44
Helpless10-20-98.mp3 6.901.11.15 07:17:03Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:09:39 96S44
7-17-00 TIMMY!.mp3 0.602.01.16 19:52:50Defaultline in track 04Default's Greatest Hits0:00:50 96S44
Mr. Soul From Disk.mp3 1.900.02.27 00:20:02DefaultMr. Soul from DiskDefault's Greatest Hits0:02:39 96S44
4 1-5-01 Defend.mp311.002.01.10 23:42:44Defaultline in track 04Default's Greatest Hits0:15:19 96S44
1 4-16-99 ...Peter Paul.mp312.802.01.16 22:26:46Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:17:47 96S44
6 4-16-99 Switchyard.mp3 7.502.01.16 23:19:16Defaultline in track 06Default's Greatest Hits0:10:29 96S44
3-sunshower-jump-in-line-sunshower-819.001.11.16 20:23:10Defaultline in track 09Default's Greatest Hits0:26:2396S44
7 Drums 5-13-99.mp3 08:15:56Defaultline in track 02Default's Greatest Hits0:09:48 96S44
Jam-chinacat-uts_5-13-99.mp311.301.11.15 06:21:32Defaultline in track 02Default's Greatest Hits0:15:46 96S44
2-UTS-part2-8-10-01.mp3 19:40:00Defaultline in track 07Default's Greatest Hits0:05:4796S44
14_IvanAndDanilo.mp3 4.703.06.11 15:01:08DefaultWasting My Time19930:04:55128S44
Cannibal Ox - Iron Galaxy.mp3 5.401.03.03 12:31:34Defaultcannibal ox-pigeons2000Default's Greatest Hits0:04:33160S44
8 Sunshower 5-13-99.mp3 08:27:34Defaultline in track 03Default's Greatest Hits0:11:28 96S44
5 Peter Paul Intro 3-27-99.mp3 1.901.11.28 08:14:52Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:02:40 96M44
9 1-5-01 Mr. Charlie.mp3 23:36:12Defaultline in track 04Default's Greatest Hits0:05:37 96S44
4 4-16-99 Siren Song.mp3 8.402.01.16 23:01:06Defaultline in track 04Default's Greatest Hits0:11:43 96S44
Default - Wasting My Time (1) (1).mp 3.702.07.12 19:25:59DefaultWasting My Time2001The FalloutRipped from CFOX's f0:03:56128S44
4 7-7-01 Mr. Charlie.mp3 3.402.01.16 21:13:46Defaultline in track 04Default's Greatest Hits0:04:51 96S44
Disco-switch-paradise-switch-5-13-9912.901.11.15 07:04:30Defaultline in track 06Default's Greatest Hits0:17:57 96S44
8 1-5-01 Mr. Squid.mp311.102.01.15 23:30:22Defaultline in track 03Default's Greatest Hits0:15:28 96S44
2 The-more-you-know-hard2handle-5-13 9.301.11.15 04:21:36Defaultline in track 03Default's Greatest Hits0:13:01 96S44
7-17-00 Hidden Track.mp3 0.602.01.16 20:08:04Defaultline in track 06Default's Greatest Hits0:00:54 96S44
Default-Deny.mp3 3.702.11.22 05:22:50DefaultDeny2000IVancouver Seeds 20000:03:55128S44
4-jolly-roger-8-10-01.mp3 8.401.11.16 20:47:04Defaultline in track 10Default's Greatest Hits0:11:4296S44
3 7-7-01 Sunshower.mp3 9.402.01.16 21:08:40Defaultline in track 03Default's Greatest Hits0:13:03 96S44
1 1-5-01 Down On The Corner.mp3 23:06:12Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:12:32 96S44
Famous In The Womb.mp3 1.802.12.07 19:14:11Lefts=and=RightsFamous in the WombDefault's Greatest Hits0:02:32 96S44
1969B.mp3 14:08:58Marty ThompsondefaultWhat Am I Gonna' Do0:02:14128S44
Travel Agent's Plea.mp3 0.902.12.07 19:14:32Lefts=and=RightsTravel Agent's PleaDefault's Greatest Hits0:01:17 96S44
3 Somehow 3-27-99.mp3 10:00:36Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:06:58 96S44
1 Jam-chinacat-uts_5-13-99.mp311.301.11.15 04:08:04Defaultline in track 02Default's Greatest Hits0:15:46 96S44
7 1-5-01 Trousers.mp3 8.302.01.15 23:14:42Defaultline in track 02Default's Greatest Hits0:11:36 96S44
6 7-7-01 What Color Is It - Jay's Po12.402.01.16 21:54:52Defaultline in track 06Default's Greatest Hits0:17:16 96S44
Default - Deny.mp3 3.602.12.11 19:13:390:03:48128S44
Head Compression (p606-04).mp3 2.502.08.12 07:34:25Default EternityHead Compression20011.2 - Threshold MixCat: PT CD-6060:03:30 96S44
2 7-7-01 Switchyard.mp3 7.402.01.16 20:55:22Defaultline in track 02Default's Greatest Hits0:10:24 96S44
Switch-yard-demo.mp3 5.501.11.16 19:14:14Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:07:45 96S44
5 1-5-01 Omar's Band - 23:55:34Defaultline in track 05Default's Greatest Hits0:12:34 96S44
Default - Let You Down.mp3 19:14:240:03:18128S44
3 Siren-song-5-13-99.mp310.101.11.15 04:36:10Defaultline in track 04Default's Greatest Hits0:14:05 96S44
Default.mp3 12:38:23
4 China Cat - Rider 3-27-99.mp3 7.601.12.11 10:11:26Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:10:40 96S44
1969A.mp3 2.602.06.30 14:07:26Marty ThompsondefaultWhat Am I Gonna' Do0:02:48128S44
1 7-17-00 Prince Soulvibe.mp3 19:20:14Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:03:06 96S44
9 4-16-99 Sweetness.mp311.802.01.16 23:46:28Defaultline in track 08Default's Greatest Hits0:16:25 96S44
8 JC Superstar 3-27-99.mp3 1.801.12.11 10:20:04Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:02:33 96S44
Peter-paul-demo.mp313.401.11.15 05:54:42Defaultline in track 09Default's Greatest Hits0:18:43 96S44
Sweetness-5-13-99.mp310.201.11.15 06:42:04Defaultline in track 05Default's Greatest Hits0:14:14 96S44
Siren-song-5-13-99.mp310.101.11.15 06:31:45Defaultline in track 04Default's Greatest Hits0:14:05 96S44
9 UTS Pt 2 3-27-99.mp3 2.901.12.11 10:24:32Defaultline in track 01Default's Greatest Hits0:04:07 96S44
Switchyard-5-13-99.mp3 5.501.11.15 07:10:04Defaultline in track 08Default's Greatest Hits0:07:40 96S44

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